Posted by: lcbaur | November 18, 2009

Health Care

The government cannot help the health care system just a little bit.  Socialism controls it, which is great for the poor or lazy, but unfair for the ambitious.  In our capitalistic economy, legal entities control and create the health care system in the United States.  Private corporations are the owners of our health care system.  So what happens when the government interferes?  People are lazy when there are no incentives.  Some people are incapable of caring for themselves, but most people are able.  The “ables” of the world can often be deterred from making an effort when someone or something offers to provide a service cost and effort free.  I found this great site that I want to share.

As I said earlier, the government cannot interfere just a little.  The video below is a quick view of how Obama’s administration is trying to change the health care system.  Private companies “own” the health care system.  Obama’s administration could destroy jobs by eliminating the private corporations and change the demographics of the United States economy.

Private corporations need to stop taking financial advantage of their clients.  The “owners of the health care system” also need to stop playing God.  Health care companies often decide on which diseases or disorders they will pay to treat; often making their decisions on cost, not whether the long-term benefits are better for the patient.

A major benefit for health care reform is access to many more individuals.  There is still a debate whether or not the new health care system will costs Americans more money.  It is clear that more money will be needed to kick-start the program, but no one knows for sure yet if there is a financial benefit for the American taxpayer.

Small businesses will be able to offer their employee’s health insurance at lower rates, also known as ESI (Employer-Sponsered Insurance).

The article below discusses the recent health care debate.  President Obama is trying to convince the American people that this trillion dollar health care reform is necessary while our economy is in the middle of a recession.

Anything is possible with the reform.  The social cost will not be outweighed at first.  The government will have to spend money in order to make money.  But the health care system’s focus should not just be to make money.  The real focus should be on making people well and making their lives more pleasurable, livable.  Usually, when the government is involved, the taxpayers have more money to spend.  If people are not held accountable for their own care, they will get lazy.  This will cause more problems for the taxpayers as more and more people rely on the government to support them.


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