Posted by: jzinn3 | November 21, 2009

Week 14 – Discussion of Presentations


Neffsville, Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Earle Landis turn over their Thanksgiving turkey.

For this week, begin commenting on your classmates presentations.  You will make your comments on Voice Thread. I encourage you to use your microphone and actually post your audio comments, rather than just typing them. Be sure to check your own presentation periodically so you can respond to the comments and questions posted. I will hold my comments and questions until later this week, giving you all a chance to chime in first. We will continue our project discussions through the end of the course.


We will resume our discussion on the blog the week of November 30th. I hope each of you has a a safe and happy Thanksgiving!



The children's table at the Crouch family Thanksgiving Day dinner. Ledyard, Connecticut. 1940


Sign on restaurant window during Thanksgiving week in South Boston, Virginia. 1940


Pumpkin pies and Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Mr. Timothy Levy Crouch, a Rogerine Quaker living in Ledyard, Connecticut. 1940


The family of Mr. Timothy Levy Crouch, a Rogerine Quaker, at their annual Thanksgiving Day dinner. A twenty-pound turkey was dispensed with in short order. Ledyard, Connecticut. 1940


A butcher shop window at Thanksgiving time. Norwich, Connecticut. 1940









  1. These pictures look very familiar with my own family back during these times! Thank you for sharing.

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