Posted by: lcbaur | December 3, 2009

What I learned about the Great Depression

The Tennessee Valley Authority was something I knew nothing about before this class.  I am surprised that the project still exists today.  The TVA is environmentally friendly and continues providing jobs.  A provider of flood control, navigation, fertilizer and electricity has been perfected since its beginning.  A beginning that almost didn’t happen.  I am pleased to know there is a company like the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Riding the Rails was my favorite book of the three.  Learning about the runaway children and how they lived was interesting.  They thought there would be a better life outside of their homes.  Some left for adventure and some left to relieve their parents of financial burdens.  Eventually, all of the children realized that life on the run was no fun.  Boxcar children were as young as thirteen-years-old.  Sad, but I liked the history on this.  When people talk about the Great Depression, they talk about the stock market, Dust Bowl, unemployment and family despair.  I don’t remember people talking about the boxcar children.


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